Work ethics at the Council

Work ethics at the National Broadcasting Council
adopted on 24 June 2004

Pursuant to Art. 6 of the Act on radio and television broadcasting dated 29 December 1992, the National Broadcasting Council works to preserve the freedom of speech on radio and television, the autonomy of broadcasters and the interests of viewers and radio audiences, and ensures the open and pluralistic character of radio and television broadcasting.

In order to fulfil those tasks, members of the National Broadcasting Council pursue the following principles:

1.     Primary importance of the public interest principle – resolutions and activities undertaken by the Council and its members serve the public interest.

2.     Nonpartisan status rule – members of the National Broadcasting Council do not engage in any party-related activity irrespective of their views, and in their acts they do not pursue any political interests.

3.     Objectivity principle – the Council and its members stay impartial towards the authorities, market entities and other interested parties.

4.     Reliability and accountability principle – the Council and its members act to ensure that they are able to assume legal and moral accountability for their decisions.

5.     Collegiality rule – the Council acts collectively in pursuance of its statutory competence. The Council members retain their right to present pluralistic opinions on their own behalf.

6.     Transparency rule – the Council follows a plan that is disclosed to the general public; it ensures public disclosure of its work and decisions, gives account of its work to the public opinion and discloses information in that respect.

7.     Consultation with interested parties principle – the Council adopts resolutions and takes actions on the basis of consultations with interested parties.

8.     Avoidance of the conflict of interests principle – the Council members do not assume responsibilities or take actions which might expose them to a conflict of interests or compromise the primary importance of the public interest and the objectivity principles.

9.     High professional standards principle – the Council and its members adopt resolutions and take actions based on their best knowledge and media market analyses.


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