Organisation chart of the KRRiT’s Office

Appendix to the Organisation Bylaw of the Council’s Office

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Deputy Chairman
Members’ Offices

Non-Public Information Protection Officer
Internal Auditor
Council’s Expert for Freedom of Speech
Press Spokesperson
Spokesperson’s Team
Office Head (Public Procurement Officer and Quality Management System Officer)
Office of the Office Head

Presidential Department
Strategy Department      Experts Team
Regulatory Department
Monitoring Department
Public Media Department
Budget and Finance Department  Chief Accountant
Legal Department

The Organisation Bylaw of the National Broadcasting Council’s Office sets forth the internal organisation of the Office, the work organization rules within the Office and the accountability scope of the Office’s organizational units.

Consolidated text of the Organisation Bylaw of the National Broadcasting Council’s Office adopted by the KRRiT’s Resolution No. 472/2011 dated 28 September 2011 as amended by the KRRiT’s Resolution No. 229/2012 dated 29 June 2012, KRRiT’s Resolution No. 322/2012 dated 18 September 2012, KRRiT’s Resolution No. 390/2012 dated 30 October 2012 and KRRiT’s Resolution No. 77/2013 dated 5 February 2013 (pursuant to Art. 9 section 1 in conjunction with Art. 11 section 2 of the Act on radio and television broadcasting dated 29 December 1992, Journal of Laws of 2011 No. 43, item 226, as amended): Organisation Bylaw of the National Broadcasting Council’s Office


The National Broadcasting Council's Office
01-015 Warszawa, Skwer Kard. S. Wyszyńskiego 9
tel: +48 22 597 3000, fax +48 22 597 3180

The Head of the National Broadcasting Council's Office
Mr. Maciej Myszka
tel: +48 22 597 3010, fax +48 22 597 3186

Presidential Department
Mrs. Anna Szydłowska-Żurawska - Director
tel: +48 22 597 3035, fax +48 22 597 3148

Department of Strategy
Mrs. Agnieszka Ogrodowczyk - Director
tel: +48 22 597 3085, fax +48 22 597 3102

Department of Regulatory
Mr. Krzysztof Zalewski - Director
tel: +48 22 597 3087, fax +48 22 597 3015

Department of Public Media
Mrs.  Barbara Stachowiak - Director
tel: +48 22 597 3115, fax +48 22 597 3106

Department of Monitoring
Mrs. Barbara Turowska - Director
tel: +48 22 597 3135, fax +48 22 597 3144

Legal Department
Mrs. Kinga Szyguła – Acting Director
tel: +48 22 597 3111, fax +48 22 597 3113

Department of Budget and Finance
Mrs. Jolanta Romanowicz - Deputy Director
tel: +48 22 597 3091, fax +48 22 597 3072

Chief Accountant
Mrs. Ewa Mirosz
tel: +48 22 597 3075, fax +48 22 597 3079


Teresa Brykczyńska

tel: +48 22 597 3016, fax: +48 597 3045
e-mail: teresa.brykczynska (at)


The Office is an executive body of the National Council, it operates under the internal regulations adopted by the Council and is subordinate to its Chairman. The Office consists of the following departments:

Presidential Department, in cooperation with appropriate departments of the Office, guarantees the servicing of the Chairman’s and the National Council’s work, it supervises the implementation of decisions, orders and tasks stemming from the Council's work. Moreover, it drafts plans of debates, prepares necessary materials and takes the minutes at the Council’s sittings. Departament coordinates cooperation with other countries within the framework of the Council’s responsibilities in that regard, with particular emphasis on the relations with the Council of Europe, the European Commission, EPRA (European Platform of Regulatory Authorities) and the Council's counterparts in other countries, organizes international conferences and visits paid by foreign guests to the National Council. Presidential Department is also responsible for cases connected to complaints and petitions. This includes preparations of decisions to impose sanctions against broadcasters, to whom a violation of the Broadcasting Act was proven during investigation.
Department of Budget and Finance prepares analyses of the economic situation in public radio and television, and those economic entities to which the President of the Council is a founding body or over which he/she fulfils supervisory functions. Departament runs financial management and accountancy of the National Council and the Office, it also analyzes and drafts reports on the utilization of central budget funding.
Legal Department represents the National Council in legal and administrative proceedings and before other judiciary bodies, gives opinions and legal advise, and provides legal interpretations, issues legal opinions on draft legislation and other acts of law.
Department of Monitoring organizes and conducts studies on the contents and reception of radio and television programmes, supervises if broadcasters meet their programme obligations stemming from the law and the terms of their licences, monitors radio and television programmes. Department prepares analyses and assessments of the advertising activities pursued by radio and television broadcasters under the Broadcasting Act, cooperates with public opinion polling centres, advertising agencies and scientific centres dealing with marketing and advertising.
Department of Regulatory  is charged with the organizational and professional aspects of the licence granting process. It also collects data about licensed broadcasters. Department is charged with the organizational and professional aspects of the licence granting process. It also keeps a register of cable network operators. Department cooperates with the Ministry of Transport and the Office of Electronic Communications as regards the management of frequencies, supervises if broadcasters implement technical conditions of programme broadcasting, initiates the Council's activities in the field of scientific and technical progress. 
Department of Strategy obtains information and prepares, in cooperation with other departments, analysis
on radio and television in the country and abroad. Departament prepares a draft of Strategy of the National Broadcasting Council and annual and quarterly work plans (in consultation with the Head of the Office and the Presidential Departament).

Department of Public Media prepares analyzes of the program obligations by public radio and television in the implementation of the provisions of Article 21-25 of the Broadcasting Act. Departament conducts activities related to financial planning - programming and control of their implementation.


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The National Broadcasting Council's Office

Skwer kard. S. Wyszyńskiego 9, 01-015 Warsaw, Poland
tel: ( 48 22) 597 3000, fax (48 22) 597 3180

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