The Central European Regulatory Forum

CERF was set up on the 15th of December 2009 by the regulatory authorities supervising the electronic media of the Czech Republic (Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting), Hungary (Media Council of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority), Poland (National Broadcasting Council), Romania (National Audiovisual Council), Serbia (Republic Broadcasting Agency) and Slovakia (Council for Retransmission of the Slovak Republic with an aim to enhance the cooperation among the regulatory authorities of Central Europe.

The Memorandum of Understanding establishing the Central European Regulatory Forum by no means intends to create legal relations among the signatories, but it serves as a useful tool to address the challenges posed by the advent of digitalization with special regard to the prolific number of transfrontier broadcasts. The regular exchange of ideas and best practices are important elements of the cooperation, yet the pivotal goal of the regulatory forum is the handling of complaints against transfrontier broadcasts.

The CERF holds one meeting a year at the invitation of a regulatory authority. 2011 meeting of the CERF was scheduled for 15-16 September in Warsaw at the invitation of the National Broadcasting Council (Poland).


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