Third Central European Regulatory Forum meeting, Warsaw 2011

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On 15-16 September 2011 the third annual Central European Regulatory Forum meeting was held. This year’s meeting was hosted by the National Broadcasting Council of Poland. The venue of the conference was the neoclassical “Palace on the Isle” in Warsaw’s Łazienki Park.

Delegates from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania and Hungary, as well as observers from Slovenia, Cyprus and France discussed issues connected with the implementation of the AVMS Directive and the digitalization process.

The list of topics included:

  • Announcements made by broadcasters in connection with their own programmes and ancillary products directly derived from those programmes – the scope of the exceptions envisaged in Art. 23.2 of the AVMS Directive (introduction by Jacek Cieplak, Department of Advertising, Poland)
  • Monitoring of election campaign coverage (introduction by Dragan Lukić, Head of Monitoring Department, Serbia)
  • Problems with “delocalized” channels – execution of art. 4 and 5. (introduction by Petra du Toit, International Relations Division, Czech Republic)
  • Experience with digital implementation process; what’s new in digital radio? (introduction by Krystyna Rosłan-Kuhn, Poland)
  • Must carry/must offer – a useful tool? (introduction by Ewa Gadomska, Department of Cable Communication, Poland)
  • “Call TV” - Premium Rate Services – the role of regulators in classifying such services in the media (introduction by Halina Rostek and Marcin Czuryszkiewicz, Department of European Policy and International Relations, Poland)

At the end of day one, the Hungarian delegates – Dr. György Ocskó, International Legal Adviser, and Balázs Jó – Deputy-Head of the Monitoring and Analysis Department, officially unveiled the new CERF’s Internet website.

On day two of the forum, Andreas Petrides, the Executive Chairman of the Cyprus Radio-Television Authorityalso introduced the idea of establishing the network of EU Audiovisual Regulatory Authorities, presenting the current status of ratification of the Common Declaration which had been adopted on 4-5 May 2011 in Limassol, Cyprus.

Best for the viewers

Concluding remarks of Jan Dworak, the Chairman of the National Broadcasting Council of Poland:

The CERF members have all had similar historical experiences, have begun to build their democracies at approximately the same time, and most of them became EU members on the same day. We therefore face similar challenges, including the implementation of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive and the digitalization of radio and TV broadcast. On the other hand, there are also differences among us and contrasting views on some issues. This results in constructive debate, offering a new, fresh look on those issues. Such meetings provide an opportunity to learn from each other and to come up with solutions that are best for the viewers, but also friendly for the broadcasters and the audiovisual market.


The Central European Regulatory Forum was set up on 15 December 2009 by the regulatory authorities supervising the electronic media of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia with an aim to enhance the cooperation among the regulatory authorities of the region. The organization holds one annual meeting which allows its members to exchange ideas, as well as, share their experiences and best practices on crucial audiovisual matters, with the goal of facilitating the handling of transfrontier broadcast issues. The next meeting is scheduled to be held in September 2012 in Bratislava, at the invitation of the Council for Retransmission of the Slovak Republic.



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