KRRiT signs a contract for TV audience measurement services

On 16 July 2018, the National Broadcasting Council signed a contract with the National Institute of Telecommunications for the measurement of TV audiences based on RPD data analysis (return path data – data from the cable or satellite set-top boxes sent via the return path from the box to the operator).
The contract includes developing the concept for data colletion, analysing and processing the RPD data, as well as presenting the results of the analysis.

It is estimated that the research potential covers more than 11.5 million households. Add to this the growing market of so-called smart TVs, and the scope may be even greater and it may also include terrestrial digital television.
At the same time, KRRiT has also begun collecting anonymous data from the operators which will enable real-time statistical analysis of consumer behaviour to be carried out. It is expected that this cooperation will make it possible to analyse the online distribution of TV channels. The operators, in return, will gain access to the results data.
This is another step which will make it possible to obtain single-source data on media consumption.


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