Members of the steering board of WorldDab: Matthieu Beauval – Radio France, Patrick Hannon – Chairman of the WorldDAB, Bernie O’Neill – Office Director of WorldDAB, Ron Shiffelers – NXP Dannemark, Karel Zyka – Czech Radio, Jorn Jensen – Radio NRK Norway, Jacqueline Bierhorst – Radio NPO Holland (fot. KRRiT)

WorldDAB management at NBC

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On the 14th of June this year, the NBC was pleased to host members of the management board of WorldDab. During sessions, a now-traditional overview of the situation of DAB in Europe and worldwide was presented, and issues relating to poor reception of DAB signals in certain marks of automobiles was discussed, along with methods of alleviating this problem.
The key theme of the discussions was natural disaster and other emergency warning messaging services. Implementation of such services could considerably impact the popularisation of DAB technology.
WorldDAB is an international non-profit organisation created to support the implementation and development of terrestrial digital radio broadcasting in the DAB/DAB+ standard. Members of this global forum include entities associated with radio and operating on behalf of radio broadcasting, such as regulatory bodies, radio broadcasters, broadcast network operators, manufacturers of electronic goods, automobile manufacturers, and international industry organisations such as EBU and AER (associations of European commercial broadcasters). The organization currently has 96 members from Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, and Africa.
WorldDAB provides support to its members and to the entire radio community in various countries in terms of the specific process of transformation from analogue broadcasting to digital broadcasting, in its regulatory, technical, marketing, and program production aspects. It collaborates closely with the European Technical Standards Institute on updating and preparing European norms and technical standards. In the latter aspect, WorldDab has begun cooperation with the European Commission, attempting to draw attention to the significance of the commercial broadcasting sector in EU documentation.
The NBC has been a member of WorldDAB since 2013, and actively participates in its operations, mainly by working in standing committees, working groups, and the management of the organization.


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