Broadcast and programme loudness in accordance with EU recommendations

Eight of the largest television broadcasters have made an agreement on the loudness level of broadcasts and television programmes. The agreement represents another act of self-regulation supported by the National Broadcasting Council.
The document, which is to be formally signed in September by Telewizja Polska, Polsat, TVN, ITI Neovision, Telewizja Puls, Eska TV, Lemon Records and TV Spectrum, is the result of many months of work by the regulator and broadcasters.

In the agreement, the broadcasters undertake to produce and broadcast audiovisual content based on a loudness level of -23 LUFS, adopted on the basis of a recommendation by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU R128).

These recommendations have been included in the National Broadcasting Council's Recommendation of 30 June 2011 on the method of conducting advertising and teleshopping activity in radio and television programmes

The National Broadcasting Council has conducted monitoring of broadcast loudness numerous times, and has indicated violations of and necessary changes to the binding regulations. On 18 December 2012, KRRiT amended the Regulation of 30 June 2011, which consisted of the adaptation of Polish regulations to the corresponding recommendations of the European Broadcasting Union and the International Telecommunication Union. According to the regulation, the loudness level of advertisements and telesales transmitted during or directly following a broadcast may not exceed the loudness level of said broadcast.
The broadcasters' agreement is voluntary, shall apply for an indefinite period of time and is of open nature, meaning that other broadcasters may enter the agreement.
At the same time, the National Broadcasting Council will conduct monitoring according to the same rules as before, which arise from the council's statutory obligation to oversee broadcasters in their implementation of the regulations contained in Article 16 paragraph 7 of the Broadcasting Act.
This represents yet another act of self-regulation by broadcasters in Poland. In October 2014, on the initiative of KRRiT, television broadcasters signed an Agreement on the rules of distributing advertisements and sponsor recommendations of so-called unhealthy foods during broadcasts directed towards children under 12 years of age, while on-demand service providers signed the "Code of Good Practice on the Protection of Minors in VOD services".


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