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At the beginning of June, Chairman of the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine (NRTRU) Jurii Artemenko once again addressed broadcasters of Polish television programmes via the National Broadcasting Council with a proposal to enter them onto the list of channels available in Ukraine. The NRTRU Chairman had also made such a proposal in February of this year.
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KRRiT Chairman Jan Dworak, in support of the Ukrainian regulator's initiative, passed on the proposal to entities operating on multiplexes: Telewizja Polskia, Telewizja Polsat, Telewizja TVN, TV Spektrum, Stopklatka, Lemon Records, ATM Grupa, Stavka, Telewizja Puls, and the Lux Veritatis Foundation.

The list of programmes available in Ukraine includes TVP Polonia, TVP Info, TVP Historia, TVP Kultura and TVP Bielsat. The list has also included Kino Polska Muzyka and Kino Polska International since 28 April of this year, and Telewizja Trwam since 16 June.

NRTRU has assured broadcasters that all procedures related to entering Polish programmes onto the list of available channels in Ukraine will be carried out effectively. In order to be entered on the list, a copy of the broadcaster's license must be sent to the National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine. Applications are accepted by post to the address: National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine, 01601 Kyiv, Prorizna St.2 or by email at nechyporenko@nrada.gov.ua

The NRTRU list of foreign television channels as well as the conditions for entry onto the list are available via the following links:



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