Pole to serve on the WorldDAB Steering Board

Krystyna Rosłan-Kuhn, expert and advisor to the Deputy Chairman of the National Broadcasting Council, has been made a member of the Steering Board of WorldDAB - an international organisation working for the implementation of digital radio broadcasting around the world. The organisation cooperates with broadcasters, network operators, producers and government agencies.
photo of Krystyna Rosłan-Kuhn
Krystyna Rosłan-Kuhn boasts many years of professional experience in electronic media. In 2006, she led the Polish state delegation to the Regional Radiocommunication Conference in Geneva. She is also a member of the Regulatory and Spectrum Committee and the Digital Transition Group at WorldDAB.

Over the course of her professional career, she has held positions as an engineer and senior engineer at Polskie Radio and Telewizja Polska, senior expert and director in the Technology Department of the National Broadcasting Council, and also as director of the Radio Broadcasting Department and advisor to the President at the Office of Electronic Communications. She is currently involved in the Council’s operations, including work on the development of digital technology in radio and television.

The National Broadcasting Council has been a member of WorldDAB since 2012, alongside 85 companies and organisations from over 25 countries. WorldDAB members include media market regulators, public and commercial broadcasters, telecommunications network operators and producers of radio receivers. The forum brings together a management team and specialists from the digital technology sector engaged in work related to the implementation of digital radio.


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