The Award “Internet Site Without Barriers” (fot. KRRiT)

The Best “Internet Site Without Barriers”

On 17 March 2015, in the Column Hall of the Polish Sejm, the National Broadcasting Council was honoured with an award for its website during the “Digitally Excluded” (Cyfrowo wykluczeni) conference.
The KRRiT website was recognized as the best in the category of public entity websites with over 100 subpages, in the most recent 6th edition of the prestigious “Internet Site Without Borders” (Strona Internetowa bez Barier) competition. It should be emphasized that 15 May 2015 is the deadline to adapt public institutions’ websites to meet the accessibility requirements set out in the WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) standard.

The goal of the competition, in which public entities, non-governmental organizations, companies, and private persons all take part, is to select those websites which are best adapted to the needs of all people vulnerable to digital exclusion.

One hundred and fifty internet websites entered this year's edition of the contest, vying for awards in five categories:

public entities’ websites of up to 100 subpages and over 100 subpages;
non-public entities’ websites of up to 100 subpages and over 100 subpages;
websites of those entities who have participated in previous editions of the competition.

A special award was also given to the website owner and administrator who consistently introduces solutions ensuring the accessibility of his or her website.

The contest has an open nature. It is an initiative promoting access to information on the Internet for the disabled, the elderly, and those of limited financial means.

The websites were evaluated by a team of experts specialized in web accessibility and by the blind, partially sighted, and deaf persons. The experts checked the compliance of the websites with the international WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) standard. The disabled persons checked the availability of forms, search engines, menus and multimedia elements, among others.

The “Internet Site Without Barriers” contest was organized by The “Visible” Foundation (Fundacja Widzialni) and the Broad Coalition for Digital Skills (Szerokie Porozumienie na Rzecz Umiejętności Cyfrowych). The crowning moment of the competition was the “Digitally Excluded” conference, which took place on 17 March, in the Column Hall of the Polish Sejm. During the conference, the 2015 Accessibility Report was presented, which includes results of analyses done by experts from The “Visible” Foundation, as well as by the blind, partially sighted, and deaf persons who examined 109 websites, including the websites of the Sejm, Senate, President, the Secretariat of the Prime Minister, the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Tribunal, as well as the Ministries and the pages of their subordinate institutions. The Report is available at

The patrons of the contest and conference include: Ministry of Administration and Digitisation, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Office of the Government Plenipotentiary for Disabled People, the Polish Ombudsman, Office of Electronic Communications, Polish Association of the Blind, and Polish Association of the Deaf.


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