Maciej Witucki, Chairman of the Program Committee MM Conferences and Jan Dworak, Chairman of the National Broadcasting Council

Platinum Antenna Award for Jan Dworak

Jan Dworak, Chairman of the National Broadcasting Council was awarded a Platinum Antenna of Telecommunication and Media World. The award was presented on the 25th of March during the Grand Gala of Gold and Crystal Antennas.
Platinum Antenna is a special award, introduced in 2011. Every year the Platinum Antennas are presented to the winners by the independent members of a jury, consisting of experts from both industries.

Jan Dworak consistently builds NBC professional authority as a regulator of the electronic media market. He is one of the main creators of technological and social change of the media including complete digitization of terrestrial digital television and start of radio digitization. Jan Dworak extended the regulatory oversight of programs distributed in telecommunications networks. He is the protector of the social obligations of public media and democratic values including freedom of speech and expression, as well as tackling social exclusion. From May 2014 serves as vice-chair of theEuropean Regulators Group for Audiovisual Media Services.  

Grand Gala of Gold and Crystal Antennas is a final event of the Telecommunications World Symposium. During the Gala, the jury awards man of the year, the company, the product, and event of the year. The awards are also presented to the best solutions provider for telecommunications sector, thematic channel and news program.

The Symposium for 15 years is a neutral platform for an exchange of experiences and discussions on the development of the telecommunications market and the media. It is an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest trends and strategies on the markets. It also gives an opportunity to deepen the dialogue with the regulator and to develop joint solutions.


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