Together for digitization

This year for the fourth time the Poznań International Fair and the National Broadcasting Council will organize a conference together, titled “The Future of the Media Market in Poland”. Jan Dworak, the President of the National Broadcasting Council and Andrzej Byrt, the President of the Poznań International Fair signed a letter of intent in this matter on 13 January 2014.
The conference will take place from 10-11 April 2014 in Poznan.

The topic of the first day will be: Digital radio – more than just radio. The Poznań Media Expo 2014 is an opportunity to popularize the advantages and new possibilities of digital radio, to plan its development and also to discuss the risks associated with the endeavour.
In Europe, one country after another is making the decision to commence analogue-to-digital conversion of terrestrial radio, making use of experience from the recently-finalized process of television conversion and recognizing that it is in the public interest to complete the process of building an information society in electronic media. In October of last year, public radio in Poland began permanent digital broadcasting in the DAB+ standard in two of the largest urban agglomerations—Warsaw and Silesia—which has given about 20% of the country's radio audience access to the new communications technology.

The second day of the Poznań conference will be run on the topic of the future of the Polish television market in the face of international plans for space limitations for terrestrial television in frequency-management plans and plans for the designation of the so-called second digital dividend for broadband mobile services.

The National Broadcasting Council was a sponsor of and gave specialist support to the conference “Digital Poland for Everyone”.


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