Jan Dworak new vice-chair of the ERGA

On March 4th, during a meeting of the European Regulators Group for Audiovisual Media Services (ERGA) in Brussels, the President of the National Broadcasting Council Jan Dworak was elected as one of the group’s two vice-chairs. ERGA is a high-level group operating within the structure of the European Commission bringing together all leading regulators of the audiovisual market in the European Union.
Jan Dworak
Olivier Schrameck, President of the French 'Conseil Supérieur de l'Audiovisuel' (CSA), was elected as chair. Prof. mr. dr. Madeline de Cock Buning, President of the Dutch 'Commissariaat voor de Media' (CvdM), was chosen as the second vice-chair.

The decision to form the European Regulators Group for Audiovisual Media Services was adopted by the European Commission on 3 February 2014. At the same time, the Commission’s decision formalized the functioning of the Working Group, which has met annually since 2003 at the invitation of the European Commission.

The main objectives of ERGA are:
  • to advise and assist the Commission in its work to ensure a consistent implementation of the AVMSD, as well as in any other matters related to electronic media which are essential to the functioning of the audiovisual market and are within the Commission's competence,
  • to facilitate cooperation between the regulatory bodies in the EU, as provided for in the directive regulating audiovisual media services,
  • to allow for an exchange of experience and good practices.
ERGA is made up of heads or high level representatives of all regulatory bodies for the audiovisual market in the European Union. Representatives of other countries from the European Economic Area as well as candidate countries invited by the European Commission have observer status.

The new, formal group of EU regulatory bodies will co-exist with other cooperative networks and will have a complementary way of working and complementary goals. The largest of these networks is the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities for Audiovisual Media (EPRA), which will keep its specific character as an informal and independent platform for cooperation with an exceptional geographical scope as well as a practical and pragmatic orientation. The European Regulators Group for Audiovisual Media Services plans to organize its main meetings in Brussels at the invitation of the European Commission, while EPRA meetings will continue to be organized in a rotating manner by national regulatory bodies. The new group will take up strategic discussions on the question of EU policy and plans to adopt common standpoints or declarations regarding the implementation of the EU regulatory framework, whereas EPRA will continue to concentrate on exchanging experience and formulating best practices in the area of media regulation in Europe.
Jan Dworak– born on 31 December 1948, film and TV producer, journalist, graduate of the Faculty of Polish Studies at the University of Warsaw (1972).

In 1977 – 1989 opposition activist, involved in publishing Polish underground press and books. In 1971 – 1981 journalist at the Youth Publishing Agency, and from 1981 - journalist and editor in Tygodnik Solidarność and in the Solidarity’s Press Information Office. Established the nationwide magazine of the First Congress of the Solidarity “Głos Wolny” and was its editor-in-chief.

Detained on 13 December 1981, released on 26 July 1982. In the 80-ies was cooperating with Church newspapers and underground press (in that time the Catholic Church supported the opposition to communist regime in Poland)  (“Przegląd Wiadomości Agencyjnych”  and  “21”). In 1989, as a deputy secretary of the Round Table Organisation Committee workingwith Lech Walesa, participated in the Round Table talks as a member of mass media subgroup.

In 1989–1991Deputy Chairman of the Radio and Television Committee (Komitet ds. Radia i Telewizji) and expert of the Sejm’s Culture & Mass Media Commission working among others on the Broadcasting Act (1992). In 1998-2002  member of the Programming Committee of TVP SA (public broadcaster), holding amongst others the function of Chairman and in 2004-2006 President of the Management Board of TVP SA.

As a film and television producer, in 1993-2008 co-founded the Association of Independent Film & Television Producers, which he chaired during its first two terms. In 2001 established the Polish Chamber of Audiovisual Producers, where he was a member of the Management Board’s Executive Committee.

Jan Dworak is a member of the Polish Journalists Association (from 1980) and of the Freedom of Speech Association.  Awarded with the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta and honoured with the Distinguished Culture Activist badge.

Following the recommendation of the Polish Sejm Speaker, Bronisław Komorowski, acting as the Polish President, on 7th July 2010 was appointed to the National Broadcasting Council for a six years’ term. During the first Council’s meeting on 10th August 2010, Jan Dworak was appointed Chairman of the Council.

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