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The Amendment to the Broadcasting Act, which was enacted on 28 February 2013 (Journal of Laws of 2012, item 1315), has imposed on providers of on-demand audiovisual media services the obligation to submit a report referred to in Art. 47j of the Act.

The act on the act’s amendment does not provide for any transitory regulation which would pertain to the moment the reporting obligation has arisen.

Art. 47j. has imposed the obligation on providers of on-demand media services to submit a report on discharging their duties referred to in Art. 47e (application of technical security measures or other appropriate measures to protect minors against content that can be detrimental to them) and in Art. 47f. (promotion of European works).

Providers of on-demand audiovisual media services are obliged to submit their first report required under Art. 47j of the Broadcasting Act to the National Broadcasting Council on or before the end of March 2014.

Meanwhile, we wish to remind you that Art. 37a. of the Broadcasting Act states that a media service provider is obliged to submit annual financial statements to the National Broadcasting Council in the format provided in the Accounting Act of 29 September 1994.

The obligation under Art. 37a pertains also to on-demand media service providers, who are obliged to submit the first statements for the year 2012 in2013.

Ewa Gadomska, Director of Regulatory Department
in the Council’s Office


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